With Pain Comes Gain: Negotiating Workers’ Comp

Should a worker get injured while on the job, his employers are required by law to reward him with workers’ compensation, popularly known as workers’ comp. With a settlement for workers’ comp, laborers can potentially pay their medical bills and even receive a stipend of sorts while they nurse their injuries. As swell as this arrangement sounds, some employers can be hesitant to award compensation. Such a case may need a little negotiating to settle.

Workers planning to negotiate a compensation should first see a supervisor immediately following the accident and confirm and document their injuries. Afterwards, the wounded should see a doctor for proper treatment; this should be a priority before any more planning and negotiating are done. Workers might also want to get a hold of their doctors’ diagnosis to determine how much compensation they need.

From this point, workers might need legal representation, making a lawyer handy. Lawyers can help broach terms between the employer and employee and hopefully allow both sides to come to an agreement or compromise. It’s important to have various forms of evidence, such as physical and medical examination results and eyewitness testimonies, as these will be necessary to prove one’s worth for workers’ compensation.