Skilled Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer Helps Resolve Hit-and-Run Cases

Hit-and-run incidents are some of the more deplorable accidents anyone can experience since perpetrators try to escape out of fear of getting caught with no concern for their victims. Victims of these accidents not only have to survive their injuries but also need to identify the likely culprits. To do this, they can seek the help of a capable Sacramento car accident lawyer to pursue the person liable for the accident. In addition, an attorney acts as their advocate to ensure they are treated fairly by the insurance company.


Reckless Driving: Finding Justice with Legal Help

If you’re a skilled motorist with a car of your own, you will take the utmost care in following all traffic laws and give way to other vehicles as the situation permits. However, while driving to work in your usual route and a car sideswipes you out of nowhere – what are you to do? You can be injured to a certain degree, thereby warranting the services of an injury lawyer who handles vehicular injury cases as a result of reckless driving. Continue reading

Uninsured Motorist Injury: Sue or Settle?

Car accidents are never pleasant, and they rarely end without physical injury to at least one of the parties involved. What makes things worse is the possibility that the owner of the hatchback that smashed into your bike, breaking your legs and a couple of ribs, might be uninsured. How can you get your just compensation, then? Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyers Pursue Unlicensed Drivers

Determining who is at fault when a car accident occurs can be difficult enough as it is under ordinary circumstances. However, attempting to go after an unlicensed driver is almost impossible without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Sadly, this is the case in California.

According to a study conducted by the DMV, unlicensed drivers in California are almost three times more likely to instigate a car crash. This conclusion was made after 23 years’ worth of relevant data have been compiled and analyzed. The results of the DMV study become more concerning because the number of unlicensed drivers have grown since the passing of a 1994 law that prevents undocumented immigrants from obtaining a license in the state.

Motorists driving without a license are practically breaking the law, which is certainly cause for worry. If the DMV’s report is anything to go by, it doesn’t help that these drivers are even more of a danger by being the ones most likely to incite a collision.

Officials are trying their best to avoid a bigger, more criminal problem, which is when unlicensed drivers instigate a crash and flee the scene. This is definitely a pressing concern, which could leave victims helpless. Victims and their relatives should immediately get in touch with a reliable personal injury lawyer to properly seek compensation for the damages caused by the careless culprit.

Teaming Up with a Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer

Each year, thousands of cases of accident-related injuries are being recorded in courts throughout the country. Most victims of these accidents entrust their cases to reputable personal injury lawyers to increase their chances of recovering their losses.Interestingly, the law permits plaintiffs not to hire a lawyer on the condition that they orient themselves on the protocol when it comes to presenting a case in court.

In any case, plaintiffs also need to do their part in strengthening an accident claim. For instance, if you happen to get into a car collision, it would be wise to take photos of the accident scene and gather information from the other party (or parties) involved. Collect medical records that can prove your injuries, including receipts and medical certificates, so you can provide your car accident attorney with the information needed to build a solid case.

Meanwhile, if your injury is severe enough to affect your livelihood, don’t be reluctant to hire a lawyer. With a highly competent accident lawyer hard at work on your case, you can focus on your recovery. If your injuries are severe to the point of disability, a lawyer can raise and defend your right for adequate lifetime support. This, however, will depend on whether or not you contributed to the accident.

What You Can Do Against Misdiagnosis

All doctors know that a misdiagnosis can be dangerous, though they still occur at an alarming frequency despite the availability of the latest and best technologies. According to reports, 15 percent of medical cases in developed countries are misdiagnosed. It’s an alarmingly huge number, and one that experts should be paying a lot more attention to.

CNN reported that the most common misdiagnosis is cancer. In a study conducted by Harvard researchers, the experts learned that breast and colorectal cancers were the cancer types most likely to be misdiagnosed. The researchers concluded that the misdiagnosis of these cancers was mainly due to doctors failing to adhere to cancer screening guidelines. Breast and colorectal cancers can be fatal, and for patients suffering these conditions, misdiagnosis could deny early preventative treatment.

You can help prevent misdiagnosis by becoming proactive with the care and treatment your physician offers you. You should know your body more than anyone, so trust your instincts. If your doctor is telling you one thing and your body is telling you another, do your own research, or better yet, seek a second opinion.

If your health has suffered due to medical misdiagnosis, know that you have legal options. Medical malpractice lawyers can evaluate your case and help you receive compensation for the pain and suffering you sustained due to a faulty assumption.

Tips for Choosing an Auto Accident Attorney

There are many lawyers out there, but not all of them may be qualified to deal with auto accident claims. As such, car accident victims need to choose suitable personal injury lawyers with care. Here are some handy pointers to help you out:

  • Look for a lawyer who specializes in auto accident claims. A general practitioner may only refer you to other lawyers who can better handle your case. What you need is an experienced auto accident attorney who can help you understand the details of your claim, your rights, and your chances of winning or losing.

  • Do a background check on the attorney’s law firm and examine his or her level of expertise and experience. Seek referrals and confirm the credentials of prospective lawyers by consulting with the local board and other relevant organizations.

  • Go for a lawyer who can clearly define exactly what needs to be done to succeed with your claim, i.e. the applicable procedures, what evidence to gather, and the effective means to prove the other party’s fault. There should be a free initial consultation and a comprehensive assessment of your case as regards costs and settlement issues.

  • The attorney should be able to answer your questions articulately. You should also gauge whether the attorney is someone you can entrust your claim with. Finally, the lawyer should clearly state the things expected of you as the plaintiff/client. A competent personal injury attorney will help you sort out your accident-related financial burdens and take on the litigation.