Seeking Help from a Competent Auto Accident Attorney in Sacramento

A Consumer Reports articled dated January 27, 2014 notes that those who use their private vehicles as part-time taxis via transport network companies (TNCs) run the risk of voiding their insurance policies. Lately, TNC usage by means of smartphone apps like Lyft has been on the rise due to the cost savings and environmental benefits.

Other motorists need to be careful around “part-time taxis” employed via these TNCs. Part-time taxi drivers are at risk of having no insurance coverage to speak of, and this could make them liabilities on the road. Those caught up in accidents involving TNC motorists will want the services of an auto accident attorney in Sacramento from a trusted firm like Carter Wolden Curtis.


Skilled Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer Helps Resolve Hit-and-Run Cases

Hit-and-run incidents are some of the more deplorable accidents anyone can experience since perpetrators try to escape out of fear of getting caught with no concern for their victims. Victims of these accidents not only have to survive their injuries but also need to identify the likely culprits. To do this, they can seek the help of a capable Sacramento car accident lawyer to pursue the person liable for the accident. In addition, an attorney acts as their advocate to ensure they are treated fairly by the insurance company.

What to Do after a Hit and Run Accident

Car accidents are a fact of life, with almost 5.5 million reported cases in 2010 nationwide and another 10 million going unreported. While a vast majority of car crashes are not fatal, they still cause considerable damage to vehicles and serious injuries to passengers. Aggrieved parties normally hire car accident lawyers in Sacramento to ensure that the recompense they receive from insurance companies is enough to cover all repair and medical expenses.

While being involved in a car accident is already an ordeal in itself, things can be even more complicated when the perpetrator flees the scene of the accident. This qualifies as a hit and run, which is a felonious act. However, you can bolster your chances of winning your case with these simple steps.

Hit and runs happen in the blink of an eye, so getting the other car’s plate number may be almost impossible. At the very least, try to remember the color, make, and model of the car to help identify the felon later on. Note down the time, date and place, and the identities of any eyewitnesses present. Take pictures of your damaged car and your injuries if you can.

In addition, don’t forget to call the police as soon as possible as a police report will help facilitate the claims process. Finally, call your insurance company to let them know about the accident and to check if they cover hit and run accidents.

Assessing Fault in a Vehicular Accident

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes: cars, trucks, motorcycles, and everything else in between. Because they are all capable of movement and transportation, they’re also capable of causing disaster. It takes just one reckless maneuver to transform a Sunday drive into a nightmarish tragedy. Accidents can and will happen, and they never discriminate.

The unfortunate and often muddled part about vehicular accidents is that they happen very quickly. When there are two or more parties involved, it can be hard to determine who’s at fault. This can be disadvantageous for victims planning to press injury claims. How can you, as a victim, identify a defendant if the circumstances of the catastrophe aren’t immediately clear to you?

Evidence plays a huge role in determining fault in an auto accident. Any telltale sign of drunken driving, ignorance, or just plain poor judgment should be enough proof. Of course, one shouldn’t forget eyewitness accounts. For accidents that have occurred in major throughways, there’s sure to be a witness who has seen how the accident happened, and such a person would be valuable in shedding light on how the calamity developed. It certainly helps to have a lawyer represent them in court so that the professional can deftly present victims’ cases to the court.

The Financial Side to an Accident

Getting over an accident is difficult. No matter how much you sugar-coat the situation, the accident is likely to cause some trauma, especially if it has led to necessary changes in your lifestyle. Some injuries, for example, can be so severe that they cause disfigurement or, worse, lead to permanent disability.

While overcoming the situation is going to be a personal journey that only a few friends and loved ones could help ease, other people may still provide assistance in other forms. Personal injury attorneys, for instance, can help you get compensation from the case, especially if the accident had been caused by someone else’s negligence.

As a working class citizen, you put bread on the table for your family. It only takes one accident to change all that. Personal injury attorneys can help you cope with the financial side of things by helping you get compensated for the many medical bills, medicine, rehabilitation, and other expenses that you have incurred because of the incident, whether the disability is temporary or permanent.

Medical expenses could easily build up, and while you’re trying to find a new source of income, getting compensated for your expenses as well as recovering lost income is going to be a big help.