Reckless Driving: Finding Justice with Legal Help

If you’re a skilled motorist with a car of your own, you will take the utmost care in following all traffic laws and give way to other vehicles as the situation permits. However, while driving to work in your usual route and a car sideswipes you out of nowhere – what are you to do? You can be injured to a certain degree, thereby warranting the services of an injury lawyer who handles vehicular injury cases as a result of reckless driving. Continue reading


Securing a Product Liability Insurance Claim

As the ones who paid for a product, consumers have the right to be satisfied with their purchase and to be safe from any harm resulting from the product’s poor quality. Any defective product—be it a mobile phone, a game console or a pair of basketball shoes—is a ground for insurance lawsuits if damages are not paid. The liability of any manufacturer or distributor to compensate a buyer for injuries caused by their products is called product liability. Continue reading

File an Auto Insurance Claim through a Roseville Accident Attorney

“For some people, filing an auto insurance claim may seem like a cut-and-dried process, and legal representation is not necessary. However, the reality is that the claims process can be quite complex, particularly since California has fault insurance laws in place. As such, an accident victim would do well to seek the services of a qualified Roseville accident attorney for help in filing the car insurance claim.

In states where the fault system exists, the parties involved in the accident must first prove fault before an insurance company decides to make a settlement offer. In such circumstances, even if the accident victim shares only 5 percent of the blame, he or she can expect a reduced settlement. For this reason, it is wise to hire a reliable personal injury lawyer in Roseville, CA from a trusted firm like Carter Wolden Curtis Law Firm who can work out a reasonable settlement.”

Elk Grove Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Support in Dog Bite Cases

“Dog attacks can affect a victim in more ways than just the injuries they inflict. In many cases, the victims are also left traumatized and distressed. For this reason, victims of dog attacks and dog bites are often entitled to compensation for both the injuries and emotional distress that they suffer. Elk Grove residents who may find themselves in a situation like this should seek the assistance of noted Elk Grove personal injury lawyers in pursuing their due compensation.

The issue of who is at fault in dog bite cases is always clear-cut, particularly under California laws. While a victim may be considered partly responsible if he or she knowingly or unknowingly provokes a dog to attack, the ultimate responsibility always lies on the dog’s owner. Owners should be responsible for their pets’ behavior at all times, especially if the dog’s breed is considered more dangerous than others.”

The Main Benefits of Worker’s Compensation

Considered a basic insurance claim, the worker’s compensation aims to assist an employee who was injured while at work. The insurance enables the worker to claim financial assistance from his employer and/or the local government, for his medical expenses and upkeep. A worker’s compensation can also cover funeral costs in case employee died. Continue reading

Standard Advice from Trusted Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys

““Work-related” injuries are not always that simple to define, however. To avoid any ambiguity, you may want to seek the legal advice of experienced Sacramento workers compensation attorneys from a reputable firm such as Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP. Their attorneys can review your case and help point you in the right direction to navigate gray areas and establish your eligibility for compensation benefits, even if you are partly to blame for the accident

Additionally, a workers compensation attorney in Sacramento can offer free advice and often works on a contingency basis. This means you won’t have to pay a single cent until a satisfactory resolution has been reached.”

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Legal Counsel You Can Count On

“Yet no matter how a cautious motorcyclist may be, a negligent automobile driver may one day cross his or her path and consequently inflict serious injury. An experienced Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer can establish the erring driver’s negligence, prove the extent of the plaintiff’s injury, and handle the insurance claims and settlement process to the very end to secure a reasonable compensation amount for the victim.

Meanwhile, a motorcyclist who is partly at fault for an accident as a result of driving while inebriated or failing to observe traffic regulations may face a reduced compensation amount. In this instance, one may enlist the legal counsel of a motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento from a trusted firm like Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP to boost one’s chances of a reasonable outcome.”