Reckless Driving: Finding Justice with Legal Help

If you’re a skilled motorist with a car of your own, you will take the utmost care in following all traffic laws and give way to other vehicles as the situation permits. However, while driving to work in your usual route and a car sideswipes you out of nowhere – what are you to do? You can be injured to a certain degree, thereby warranting the services of an injury lawyer who handles vehicular injury cases as a result of reckless driving. Continue reading


Securing a Product Liability Insurance Claim

As the ones who paid for a product, consumers have the right to be satisfied with their purchase and to be safe from any harm resulting from the product’s poor quality. Any defective product—be it a mobile phone, a game console or a pair of basketball shoes—is a ground for insurance lawsuits if damages are not paid. The liability of any manufacturer or distributor to compensate a buyer for injuries caused by their products is called product liability. Continue reading

The Main Benefits of Worker’s Compensation

Considered a basic insurance claim, the worker’s compensation aims to assist an employee who was injured while at work. The insurance enables the worker to claim financial assistance from his employer and/or the local government, for his medical expenses and upkeep. A worker’s compensation can also cover funeral costs in case employee died. Continue reading

Health Risks of a Motorcycle Accident

Although motorcycle accidents don’t occur as frequently as other vehicular accidents, the higher safety risks in motorcycle accidents—compared with larger vehicular accidents—has prompted regulations and advocacies for motorcycle safety, such as wearing appropriate helmets. Despite this, many motorcycle owners continue to be negligent of the safety precautions and traffic rules associated with motorcycle driving. Continue reading

Why Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

As long as the car is a fixture on the nation’s highways, car accidents will always be a part of modern life. In fact, the U.S. Census reveals that there were almost 11 million motor vehicle accidents in 2009 alone.

As you might expect, when two speeding vehicles crash into each other, damage and injuries are bound to occur. In most cases, however, they are only minimal and the case can be settled by the respective drivers’ insurance companies. Continue reading

Stay Safe on the Road

You’ve probably seen other drivers call or text while driving, but did you know some drivers are actually surfing the net while manning their vehicle’s steering wheel? According to USA Today, one in four drivers are accessing the Web while driving. You’d assume that this was a problem prevalent in young drivers, and you’d be wrong. According to the article, most of the culprits were drivers 40 years old and older.

  Continue reading

Personal Injury Law: About Time Gaps

It’s possible for you to sustain an injury from an accident. Depending on its severity, you may know that you are injured right away, or you may not. There are instances when an injury from an accident only manifests itself after days, weeks, or months (sometimes years) have elapsed. Now the question is, what happens if a significant amount of time has passed between your accident and the treatment for the injury you sustained from it? Continue reading