Why Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

As long as the car is a fixture on the nation’s highways, car accidents will always be a part of modern life. In fact, the U.S. Census reveals that there were almost 11 million motor vehicle accidents in 2009 alone.

As you might expect, when two speeding vehicles crash into each other, damage and injuries are bound to occur. In most cases, however, they are only minimal and the case can be settled by the respective drivers’ insurance companies. Continue reading


Seek Help from Sacramento Injury Lawyers for Workplace Injury Claims

“Oftentimes, workplace accidents are caused by lapses in safety protocols, either on the part of the victims or their managers. In many cases, the line between these two probable causes of fault can be indistinct, and it will take a seasoned legal professional, like a reputable injury lawyer in Sacramento, to sort through the details and merits of a case. Negotiating for workers’ compensation is never easy, particularly blue collar temps who may or may not be covered by union laws. In Sacramento, reliable injury lawyers such as those at the Carter Wolden Curtis Law firm, can review the details of such a case and provide legal advice to the injured party.

According to the state government of California, workers are responsible for notifying their superiors of any accident in the workplace as soon as possible. If a report hasn’t been filed within 30 days, it’s likely that the injured party will lose their rights to compensation benefits. It is also important for them to notify experie

Proving Medical Malpractice: Call a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

“Medical malpractices can be hard to prove, especially when the patient is already sick at the start of the doctor-patient relationship. It has to be proven that the individual’s injury or condition was indeed caused by a medical practitioner’s negligence and not by the disease itself. Because of the complications involved in medical malpractice cases, it is always best to consult a capable Sacramento personal injury attorney, such as those from the Carter Wolden Curtis Law firm.

Proving negligence on the part of doctors and other medical professionals often needs the testimonies of experts, who should be carefully screened for their qualifications and credibility. A competent Sacramento personal injury lawyer will have the knowhow and the resources to find the right expert witness who can support their client’s case. The attorney can also help determine the amount of damages their client is entitled to. While the $250,000 malpractice cap may be in dispute, victims of medical malpra

Stay Safe on the Road

You’ve probably seen other drivers call or text while driving, but did you know some drivers are actually surfing the net while manning their vehicle’s steering wheel? According to USA Today, one in four drivers are accessing the Web while driving. You’d assume that this was a problem prevalent in young drivers, and you’d be wrong. According to the article, most of the culprits were drivers 40 years old and older.

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Personal Injury Law: About Time Gaps

It’s possible for you to sustain an injury from an accident. Depending on its severity, you may know that you are injured right away, or you may not. There are instances when an injury from an accident only manifests itself after days, weeks, or months (sometimes years) have elapsed. Now the question is, what happens if a significant amount of time has passed between your accident and the treatment for the injury you sustained from it? Continue reading

Uninsured Motorist Injury: Sue or Settle?

Car accidents are never pleasant, and they rarely end without physical injury to at least one of the parties involved. What makes things worse is the possibility that the owner of the hatchback that smashed into your bike, breaking your legs and a couple of ribs, might be uninsured. How can you get your just compensation, then? Continue reading

Getting Into Accidents with Unlicensed Drivers

As commonplace as it might seem, getting into a car accident can get quite ugly rather quickly. To make things worse, so many unlicensed drivers are taking to the streets like they just don’t care (probably because they really don’t), causing a lot of the frequent accident reports you hear about.

Motorists driving without a license are practically breaking the law, and that’s certainly cause for worry. If reports from the DMV is anything to go by, it doesn’t help that these drivers are even more of a danger by being the ones most likely to incite a collision. Those who value their safety and want to put reckless drivers in their place might want to keep tabs on a leading accident attorney.

While California’s accident rates for one are falling, the number of crashes caused by unlicensed drivers across the United States jumped by 17 percent from 1998 to 2007. In California alone, the increase was an alarming 49 percent.

Officials are trying their best to avoid a bigger, more criminal problem, which is when such unlicensed drivers hit and run. This is definitely a pressing concern, and could leave victims of these sort of collisions helpless. Victims and their relatives should immediately get in touch with a reliable personal injury lawyer to properly seek compensation for the damages caused by the careless culprits.