Sacramento Injury Attorneys Can Help Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

“If you suspect that your elderly loved ones are being abused in nursing homes, make sure to contact Sacramento injury attorneys like those at Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP immediately. With their help, you can prove the wrongdoings committed by erring personnel and seek damages for any injury caused to your loved one.

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity in their old age, but nursing home abuse is a sad reality that many retirees and their families face. Thankfully, a Sacramento injury lawyer can help you seek adequate recompense for the physical and emotional pain that neglectful staff members inflict.”


Bus Accident Claims: Call on a Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

“In addition to these issues, bus accident claims in California and most other states often get more complicated than typical motor vehicle accident claims when the buses involved are operated by government entities. In cases like these, there may be special proceedings and deadlines that have to be strictly met for the claims process to be successful. In this regard, those who figure in a bus accident in Sacramento will do well to immediately seek the advice of a competent Sacramento personal injury attorney for guidance on the right action to take.

The services of seasoned Sacramento, CA personal injury lawyers are especially invaluable when an insurance claims process is denied. Experienced attorneys can help their clients file a claims case against the right government entity, if one is involved, within the short period of time that such claims typically have to be processed. “

Hiring Injury Attorney in Sacramento To Get Fair Compensation

An experienced Sacramento personal injury attorney can help employees who have suffered from severe injuries while at the workplace. Such injuries obtained from someone else’s negligence can be referred to as a personal injury case. More often than not, victims find it challenging to get fair compensation from the party responsible for their accident. By working with an attorney, they are likely to get adequate workers’ compensation, usually in the form of financial assistance for medical and legal expenses.

Employees should not be subjected to unjust treatment by having obtained little to no compensation when they are, in fact, lawfully entitled to receive more than adequate compensation, which can be negotiated by a personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury attorney in Sacramento can ensure that an employee who has sustained a workplace injury will be provided with legal assistance to obtain justice in the form of compensation from his employer. The attorney’s job will entail many background checks and research, including accessing and assessing employment and medical records to evaluate the extent of the injury, and to determine who should be held responsible. Workers’ compensation ensures that the injured employee is provided with adequate medical attention, financial aid for legal expenses, and compensation for hospital bills and rehabilitation, as well as rightful wages if the employee is unable to work for an extended period

On Vehicle Accidents and the Injury Lawyer

Almost every news bit you read on any newspaper or news website contains articles about car accidents and injuries on the road. These accidents, oftentimes, lead to massive property damage, grave physical injuries, or worse. In such cases, car accident victims eventually rely on an efficient and trustworthy personal injury attorney to help them obtain some sort of compensation.

Given situations like horrible car crashes, it would be best to obtain reports from eyewitnesses, whose names may be cited in police reports. Medical findings are also reliable documents relevant in your personal injury case. Allow your accident lawyers to work with you on your case in order to recover the damages due you.

According to experts, a lot of people tend to have clouded judgment when faced with injuries, thus, they resort to a settlement with the insurance company which proves to be disadvantageous. Most victims believe that the initial offer is more than enough to compensate for their inconvenience, but the reality often reveals that they could have actually received more if the case had been analyzed better. Personal injury lawyers can negotiate with insurance companies so that their client-plaintiff can find satisfaction from a win-win situation.
As the old saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine”. If you know you have a pressing issue like this, consult a personal injury lawyer right away.

Personal Injury Lawyers Pursue Unlicensed Drivers

Determining who is at fault when a car accident occurs can be difficult enough as it is under ordinary circumstances. However, attempting to go after an unlicensed driver is almost impossible without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Sadly, this is the case in California.

According to a study conducted by the DMV, unlicensed drivers in California are almost three times more likely to instigate a car crash. This conclusion was made after 23 years’ worth of relevant data have been compiled and analyzed. The results of the DMV study become more concerning because the number of unlicensed drivers have grown since the passing of a 1994 law that prevents undocumented immigrants from obtaining a license in the state.

Motorists driving without a license are practically breaking the law, which is certainly cause for worry. If the DMV’s report is anything to go by, it doesn’t help that these drivers are even more of a danger by being the ones most likely to incite a collision.

Officials are trying their best to avoid a bigger, more criminal problem, which is when unlicensed drivers instigate a crash and flee the scene. This is definitely a pressing concern, which could leave victims helpless. Victims and their relatives should immediately get in touch with a reliable personal injury lawyer to properly seek compensation for the damages caused by the careless culprit.

Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Facilitate Workplace Claims

The scope of California’s workers’ compensation is much more limited than what many may believe, and some sources have pegged the typical amount a claimant gets at only around 40% of their actual losses and expenses. Furthermore, an employer or their insurance company may deny part or all of an injured employee’s claims if the employee does not meet the eligibility conditions for the said claims. Hence, if you get injured while working in your Sacramento, California workplace, it would be advisable to immediately consult with a reputable Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney to help you with the claims process.
You may not need a lawyer if your injury is just a minor one; however, some injuries may be serious enough to prevent you from getting future gainful employment, as in the case of some professional athletes.

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Advises Safety Amid Lane Splitting

While lane splitters can’t be cited by officers for splitting, they can still be cited for reckless driving. In motorcycle accident litigation, proof of traffic violations resulting from lane splitting can weaken accident claims. A professional Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer would advise people to drive safely by strictly adhering to the California Highway Patrol’s guidelines on lane splitting.

Oddly enough, lane splitting also seem to be applicable to cars; in this case, it’s unclear whether or not California will have a second forum on the issue regarding lane splitting. For now, you should do your part and split lanes safely. In the event of an accident, a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney from law firms like Carter Wolden Curtis can help you gain the compensation you deserve.