A Single Minute of Delay Can Cost You Dearly

The court won’t wait for your complaint, not even by a minute. After all, courts are known for following the rules to the letter.

The Wall Street Journal reports that back in 2007, Toshiba incurred losses amounting to $1 million as a consequence of a minute’s tardiness in filing a motion for attorney’s fees. It all had to do with the chosen courier’s inability to deliver the necessary paperwork on time. The courier was well aware that closing time for the courtroom was at 4:00 p.m. and calculated that it had 30 minutes to get there.

Unfortunately, heavy traffic along Grand Avenue in Santa Ana held the courier up. Even when the courtroom had only been closed for a minute, the motion failed to push through, forcing Toshiba to file it the next day. The judge subsequently ruled against the company given that the responsibility of filing the claim had been within its control.

When it comes to a car accident, there can be no doubt that late filing creates various inconveniences and unnecessary expenses. You may be allowed to file a late claim if the government is to blame for the delay. In any case, the moral of this story is to never wait until the last minute—literally—to file any claim, be it for personal injury or property damage.


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