Protecting Your Family in Times of Injury

Ben Franklin is known to have said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” Fatalistic though this may sound, it is, for many, true. One day, you can be gainfully employed and the next, meet an accident that can put you out of work permanently.

We can only hope that “permanent” won’t necessarily mean “six feet under the ground.” However, it could mean a disability that can render you unable to continue doing the things you once could. Or, it could mean a temporary, less serious condition that requires a short period of recovery. Whichever your case may be, it helps to know that you can claim workman’s compensation to cover your financial needs if you are injured at work.

You can easily recover from small cuts and lacerations and even minor burns but they may still require hospitalization. It may take longer to recover from toxic exposure or orthopedic injuries, while brain damage or spinal cord injury may cause permanent disability. No matter what kind of work-related injury you sustain—slight or serious with a short-term or long-term period of recovery—a workers’ compensation attorney will be able to help you get full compensation.

Your family may depend on your employment for financial support. Hence, in case of injury, seek the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer at once to make sure that you can continue to provide for your loved ones.


Strategies for Securing Workers’ Compensation

Some jobs, by their very nature, require the use of vehicles. Highway patrol policemen, package couriers, and food delivery personnel are among those who usually have to use a motorbike as part and parcel of their daily routine. However, as riding a motorcycle leaves little margin for error even at moderately high speeds, the odds of an accident in the line of duty are significantly higher. When the unthinkable does happen, it is only right that your company be prepared to provide you with due compensation.

The first thing to do when you meet an accident while on the job is to sit down with company management and file a claim. Important items to attach in the application include details of the accident, medical treatment, evaluations by the attending medical practitioner and, if possible, work logs from the day of the accident. Complete documentation will help ease doubts that the injury was sustained outside of official business hours. If the company has no in-house legal counsel, consider getting your own personal injury lawyer to help in the matter.

However, if your claim is denied, you and your lawyer can take the next step and elevate the case to the state workers’ compensation board. You only have up to three years after the accident to file a case. In this regard, you need to attach documents stating how the injury is connected to your duties and doctor’s diagnosis about its long-term effects on your body.

Nobody deserves to be left holding the bag after rendering good service to their company. A good lawyer will help you to be awarded just compensation.

Defending Yourself against Staged Accidents

As you drive along at a leisurely pace, a vehicle suddenly appears out of nowhere and trades paint with your vehicle. Despite having the right of way, and knowing you did nothing wrong, the other driver appears agitated and starts making all sorts of demands. Get your guard up—this kind of behavior points towards a staged accident, and it happens more often than you think.

It’s a common fact that staged auto accidents are a way for suspects to get away with auto insurance fraud. Fortunately, there are ways to call the bluff, and your accident lawyer can help turn the tables around. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, there are a number of “tried and tested” staged accident scenarios you should watch out for.

Staged T-bones involve the suspect waiting for the victim’s vehicle through the intersection, then suddenly goosing the gas to hit the victim broadside; fake witnesses may tell the police that you allegedly ran a stoplight. Another is when the other driver signals you to pass through when you’re attempting to merge with traffic, then sideswipes your vehicle. These only two examples of what scammers do so they can fake large claims for injuries and damages against your insurer or theirs.

No innocent driver wants to see their insurance rates go up because of an accident they didn’t cause. An accident injury lawyer will help you find a way to hold the suspect accountable and get the insurer to lower rates.

What to Do in a Hit and Run Scenario

Under California law, hit and runs can be classified either as misdemeanors (Vehicle Code 20002 VC) or felonies (Vehicle Code 20001 VC). The basic elements are the same for both—involvement in an accident, the perpetrator’s knowledge of the accident and its consequences, and the perpetrator’s failure to stop and identify himself right on the scene. The difference between a misdemeanor and a felony hit and run is the degree of damage inflicted. The former concerns property damage, while the latter concerns injury or loss to a person other than the perpetrator.

If your parked vehicle figured in a hit and run incident, here are the things you should do to strengthen your chances of getting fair compensation for the damage.

Try to recall as many details about the offender’s vehicle as you can. Each detail you can remember will increase the likelihood of tracking down the car and the driver. The search will be easier if you managed to take note of even a partial plate number. File a police report and include those details, as well as a general description of when, where, and how things happened.

To deal with the legalities involved in filing a claim, you should get in touch with a car accident lawyer. As more information comes to light about your hit and run driver, a lawyer can build a strong case that would hopefully allow you to get your due.

Getting An Edge With Experienced Injury Lawyers

It’s often said that experience is the best teacher. If you’re thinking of filing for a personal injury claim, you’ll find that experience can also be your ticket to getting a much-deserved compensation. Here are several reasons why you should prioritize working with experienced injury attorneys over their younger, wide-eyed peers:


Since experienced injury attorneys have already been through a lot of personal injury cases, they become able to anticipate subjects and issues that clients and greenhorn injury lawyers would have trouble seeing. Their foresight would enable them to become better prepared for the lawsuit and even predict if a judge is in favor of or against their client.


Having been thoroughly exposed to personal injury claim proceedings, veteran injury lawyers are naturally the sages in their chosen field of expertise. Unlike novice injury lawyers who need to keep checking their manuals on what to do and are just beginning to apply what they’ve learned from school, experienced injury attorneys know their chosen field by heart.


Years of servicing individuals of various upbringings and personalities make experienced injury lawyers capable of connecting with their clients on a deeper level. This is essential since a successful partnership between attorney and client is needed for the successful outcome of the case.

Wanted: Personal Injury Lawyer

The fight for your rights after they have been trampled on by other people is one that should not be lost. However, claiming victory in this bout would be more difficult without a personal injury lawyer to assist you. How does one find a good injury attorney? Certainly not by accident.

When looking for a personal injury attorney, go to your friends and acquaintances first. Ask them for any recommendations and have them explain why the lawyer they suggested will be suitable for your situation. Don’t just settle for one name; gather as much data as you can about a handful of personal injury lawyers. Make a shortlist and schedule an appointment with those you’re interested to work with.

During your interview with your prospective personal injury lawyer, try to gauge his competence by asking if he can narrate experiences he had with previous clients. Do the same with the other options on your list, and narrow it down based on the short time you’ve spent with each of the lawyers. To help you arrive at a decision, compare their fees and experience. Go with the one who is worth your money and who you feel would see you through the end of your ordeal.

Some Common Types of Personal Injury

Any physical, emotional, or mental injury you or your property sustains from the negligence of another person or organization, either directly or indirectly, is considered a personal injury. This includes injuries resulting from a road traffic accident, product defect accident, and improper medical and dental care accidents. You can seek compensation for these injuries with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Road Traffic Accident

Injuries from road traffic accidents are the most common type of personal injuries. These can range from a simple scratch or dent on the vehicle to fatally wounded victims. With proper assessment of the damage, including medical expenses during recovery, the court may serve proper compensation. Motorists like you who figured in an accident should know at least the basic steps in dealing with this kind of personal injury.

Product Defect Accident

When a product harms your body or your property, you can file for a personal injury case. Either the retailer or the product manufacturer would be responsible for the damage. This type of personal injury is common, especially with substandard products or those that did not go through standard tests.

Medical or Dental Accidents

This is similar to a product defect, except service, rather than product is involved. If a medical or dental professional mistakenly provides a wrong prescription or performs a procedure which caused injury to your body, a personal injury case can be raised. There are a lot of cases under this category, most of which end in favor of the victims.